Introduction to the app site Nu Yi Dao Warning: the content presented throughout is complex in places and will require supplementary study

Stubborn temperaments will manage. Few others will remain on a long road to comprehension. High priests are not born every minute: they require peculiarly accidental breeding conditions.

Don't expect to understand everything at once, or even quickly. However once the scales eventually fall away, appreciation of a crucially important and valuable aesthetic will be the result.

Many will need to un-learn a fair amount since this subject has been buried for centuries and all we have heard tell is vague rumour and crude summation. You think you already know astrology? Please trust me that you know very little. Indeed I myself know very very little.

Consider this app-site as an excavation, an humble Egyptian chest that has lain buried for centuries, the contents are finally being cleaned for exhibition. [Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic to motivate myself. I have so much more work to add and it's gutsy labour.]

The ancient treasure revealed is classical thought rather than material artefact. If you bring with you knowledge of the classics, all of that will be extremely helpful.

The ancestors responsible for the subject matter looked like us, breathed like us, were equally as alert and alive as us. But their minds ran on completely different lines as you might expect.

If you are curious and wish to follow the trail, unlearning may be the greatest challenge. It's become such a cliche to say, 'keep an open mind' and no longer generally good advice. But I have to say it, since so many of us, as modernists, have dropped so much precious heritage into the skip.

Modernity comes with so many assumptions and priorities and so much new complexity. For instance we are all now priests, merchants, slaves and slave-owners mixed together in hideous combination. Our ancestors will each have had just one occupation.

Humans are eminently imprintable; and especially latterly, given the efficacy of electronic media, we have all been thoroughly imprinted.

As we mature we also begin to deprecate the numerous glib assumptions we may have inherited.

Traditonally, this is how human wisdom has developed in certain individuals, generation upon generation.

This is yet another attempt at imprinting, albeit a positive one. I have no merchandise to sell you - subject to change. And certainly I do not need or want your vote.

Stimulating Questions Time is the nearest metaphysical concept. But modernists have almost entirely lost contact. Our avowed mission is to refresh the live connection and ultimately the reconciliation we must all make with time. Yet this app-site is not strictly about time but a system of thought which is best drip-fed. All in good time.

What's the purpose of symbolised time?

Why all the hocus pocus?

Who were the classical gods exactly?

How many natural cycles lay beyond earth orbit and rotation?

Why are systematic circles particularly helpful?

What practical use is colouring and filtering time with meaning?

What is divination, really?